The Best Waterfalls in Santa Teresa

1 Río Montezuma y Cascadas

Discover the breathtaking Montezuma Waterfalls, a series of three majestic cascades along the Montezuma River. With a total height of 40 meters, these waterfalls will captivate you with their natural beauty. You can explore them through the Riverbed trail, which leads to the largest and most popular waterfall in just a 20-minute walk from downtown Montezuma. Alternatively, you can embark on the thrilling Canopy Tour Stairs trail, which takes you to the uppermost waterfall via suspension bridges. Remember to wear sturdy water-resistant shoes and take a refreshing swim in the natural pools. Respecting nature and being aware of the risks are essential when visiting these waterfalls. Come and be amazed by the Montezuma Waterfalls!

2 Playa Cocalito and El Chorro Waterfall

Playa Cocalito:

Playa Cocalito offers an exciting two-hour hike through jungles, beaches, and rivers. If you prefer walking, the trail combines shaded paths through the jungle along the coast and scenic sandy beaches nestled among rocks. Make sure to check the tide chart and plan your hike during low tide. Remember to bring plenty of water, fruit, sunscreen, and a hat.

The best way to reach Playa Cocalito is by horseback, as it is located 4 km from Montezuma. The white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters are just part of the beauty. The real magic lies in the waterfall that cascades from the river into the ocean, 10 meters below.

El Chorro:

This beautiful waterfall is one of the seven waterfalls in the world that flow into the sea, and you can find it at Playa Cocalitos, part of the Romelia Refuge, five miles (8 km) north of town. El Chorro dramatically cascades from a cliff into pools of lava rocks and the ocean. The waterfalls are stunning, often reflecting rainbows and featuring a beach cove with an incredibly picturesque view. It's like a poster, but with you in it!

3 Playa, River, and Cascades of Piedra Colorada:

If you take the Green Trail from Montezuma Beach, you will discover the unique Piedra Colorada, a cove where a small waterfall forms an ideal freshwater pool for young children of all ages to swim and play.

The Piedra Colorada River constantly changes, but it often creates a large swimming pool. As you walk further up the river, you will find a beautiful waterfall to enjoy a natural water massage, smaller pools, and abundant wildlife.

You won't regret going a bit further up the river to find a secluded waterfall and a large pool, where you can experience the healing effects of Mother Earth in the natural jacuzzis under a green canopy.

"Piedra" is the Spanish word for "stone." Piedra Colorada gets its name from the strikingly colored stones that line the riverbed. Visitors, both local and international, stack stones to create a beach of beautiful collaborative natural sculptures. Feel free to create one yourself. While the stones of Piedra Colorada are incredible, please do not remove them from the beach. Let the pristine experience be enjoyed by future visitors. Additionally, it is not allowed to take anything other than plastic waste from the beaches of Costa Rica.

4 Río Lajas and Waterfalls:

The Waterfalls:

On the way from Montezuma to Cabuya, the Cabuya bridge and sign indicate the start of the Lajas River. And from this point, the uphill journey to this stunning waterfall begins. Few visitors make this trip as it is not very easy, but it is a unique and rewarding experience. The hike along the river takes about two hours each way, so be sure to bring plenty of water.

Eventually, you will reach a fork in the river. Take the correct direction for about 20 minutes, and you will arrive at the first waterfall. The natural pool is beautiful and deep enough for swimming.

If you enjoy further exploration of these waterfalls, you can climb up the waterfall and walk about 15 minutes to reach the 100-meter waterfall. This waterfall is more like a giant slide than a vertical drop, but it is truly breathtaking. Here, you will find a couple of different pools where you can swim. Make sure not to make this trip during the rainy season, as flash floods can occur along the river.